Multi-Raid2 Golden Edition Mod


Multi-Raid 2 Golden Edition Mod

Dynasty Warriors Strikeforce 2 Golden Edition Mod is Coming Soon.

Release date is set for 19.07.2012. 

We have now Official Wikipedia for the Mod:

  • Features:
  • Abililty to Play as Monsters
  • Play As Shi Huangdi in all His Forms
  • Play as Orochi, Da Ji, Kiyomori Taira, Orochi X
  • Play as NPC Officers and NPC Characters
  • New 5 Camera Modes
  • Background Music Selector - Select Quest Music
  • 3 Impressive Arena Modes where you can battle custom enemies
  • New Weapon Master System - Each Character has Unique Charge Attacks with his/her 1st Weapon
  • Play as Monsters on Quests specially designed for them.
  • And Many Other Features...
Enjoy the latest pics from the mod.